The autumn meeting on latent Gaussian models 10-12 Nov 2016

This short scientific meeting will take place at the new premises of the The Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters at Elvegata 17.

The invited speakers are
  • Daniel Simpson (Univ of Bath)
  • Janine Illian (Univ of St Andrews)
  • Sigrunn Sørbye (Univ of Tromsø)
  • Finn Lindgren (Univ of Edinburgh)
  • David Bolin (Chalmers Univ)
  • Simon Barthelme (Gipsa-lab, Grenoble) [Cancelled]
  • Laurie Baker (Univ of Glasgow)
  • Egil Ferkingstad  (Univ of Iceland)
  • Anna Freni-Sterrantino (Imperial College)
  • Fabian Bachl (Univ of Edinburgh)

External speakers and participants, are

  • Olav Breivik (Univ of Oslo and Norwegian Computing Center)
  • Martin Jullum (Norwegian Computing Center)
  • Giri Gopalan  (Univ of Iceland)

The remaining participants are local.

A tentative program is found here.